About me

My name’s Thomas, I’m 33 years old and I live in Nantes (France). I work as a developer at Lengow, but I wouldn’t describe me as a geek. Actually, I’m not really interested in new technologies or programming languages; I just use them to try to solve interesting problems. My mission at Lengow is to ensure the success of R&D projects. This includes various tasks such as writing funding proposals, building scientific collaborations, writing literature reviews,  designing software and implementing algorithms.

Wanna know more about me? Okay, here it goes: I’m fond of music; I listen to it several hours a day, and spend some time learning how to play the bass. I do not like to read novels, I do not like sci-fi and I do not dream of traveling the world. I rather hang around with my families and friends whenever I get the chance. To sum it up, I’m just another random guy, and I look like this:


By the way, you can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.